Survey - When we age, some competences increase! Which do you feel these are?*

This online survey is intended to identify what qualities are more important to us as we age compared to when we were younger. Please select 7 items from the 20 generic words below which in your opinion are the most important or relevant qualities for us as older generations. Choose the 7, by clicking on the corresponding box. After selecting the items, send the survey. You will receive the results of recent participants.

Term Description Selection
Appreciation Valuing and respecting other people and experiences
Authenticity Being true to your values and beliefs in personal actions
Conflict management Able to handle conflict; ability and experience for mutual solutions.
Continuity Establishing mutual relationships with others, such as clients, which last in the long term
Cooperation Finding commonality among different views; collaboration
Credibility Reliability, consistency, trustworthyness
Dedication/attachment Identification with your work, profession or business
Health awareness Taking responsibility for the body and spirit; wellness
Helping others Serving as mentor, coach; giving guidance and assistance to others
Independence Freedom of action, composure, being able to take a distance
Knowledge of human nature Experience in leading, decisiveness, ability to recognise and value potential
Management of time Organizing own time; deliberate slowing down, taking time for mindfulness.
Meaning of life Awareness of what is really the essence of life, perception of the finiteness of life
Practical experience Larger variety of ways of reacting, learning from mistakes
Quality awareness Taking responsibility for quality outcomes
Responsibility Considering the impact of actions
Routine Established patterns of behavior
Thinking across boundaries Understanding/creating connections in complex issues, ability to take a helicopter view of developments and assess these
Vision Long term view of the important and essential
Wisdom Maturity, patience, utilizing life experience, trust, self assurance

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* This online survey was originally designed in German for a research project by Dr. Leopold Stieger. The translation may not be entirely accurate. If you speak German, you may request the results of over 1300 responses from the completed surveys from German speaking countries. Write to : or answer:
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